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Clever Name Podcast

Mar 28, 2022

Martin is stuck in Tiny Tinas Wonderland so we have Gizmo to replace him this week. We are livestreaming uncensored to every week now. Videos will be uploaded to Youtube and all podcast platforms every Monday but if you want to catch it live, uncensored and 2 days early all you have to do is go to Last week we watched a video of a lady with an exploded breast implant. This week we found the video of what it looked like right before it exploded. We watch a final destination scenario a rollercoaster and we see a guy buy $500 worth of beans. We talk about our worse getting ripped off storied while watching failed drug deal robberies. A horny old lady demands Jesus and her Jamaican nurse kiss her pussy. We also revisit and check in on some of the reviews. All this and more on Clever Name Podcast #309.