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Clever Name Podcast

Nov 29, 2017

Guess the tits !! if you can guess whos boobs we used for crystal in our last episode and we will send you a sticker. Big foot vs Yeti, who will win? Are they the same thing? We will find out. Then we talk about the weirdest thing we have masturbated to.

Nov 26, 2017

We talk about our new logo and mascot. Also we talk about sucking the wrong dicks. Then we have Crystal on the show and we play "Who will my girlfriend bang" where Ryan and Dan guess what girls Crystal would have sex with.

Nov 22, 2017

Dan has the idea that we should be sponsored by a adult movie store or a sex shop. Dan records himself trying to get him us sponsored and embarrassing him self in the process.

Nov 19, 2017

0:08 Dan drinks and Ryan smokes 2:35 Drinking vs smoking game 5:50 Ryans addicted to weed 1149 What makes you stupider ? 20:45 Smoking when in your parents house 23:47 The best parenting advise ever given 25:20 Dans a sex offender 28:55 Problem child 32:00 Sucking the wrong dicks 37:00 Pregnant bitches 38:43 Ryan is...

Nov 15, 2017

Ryan pees his pants and we try to find out why. Then we discuss the rumors about Louis CK and we have some interesting ideas.