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Clever Name Podcast

Apr 25, 2022

Finally the day has come, we got the opportunity to go to Longshots bar and gun range and do a podcast live from there. We got to have some drinks and shoot some guns and martin have never been happier. Go check out on Instagram and tell them you heard them on Clever Name Podcast

Techrophilia - Clever Name Podcast #312

Apr 18, 2022

Sex Robots have taken over and Martin has old man ears. We look in to the Toronto real men Demetri the lover and try to get him on the show. In this week in woke we watch a top surgery propaganda video and an Oreo commercial. German piss lady is back at it again and we try to make adult abortion legal. We find out what...

Apr 5, 2022

Martin took a full week to give us his full review of the new game Tiny Tinas Wonderland. We guess what washed up on the Jersey Shore and listen to the only take on Chris Rock Will Smith Oscar Slap that matters, OJ Simpsons'. A gun store owner turn into John Wick in a fraction of a second in an attempted robbery video....