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Clever Name Podcast

Sep 29, 2019

We have a few technical issue with mics and pat being too high but on this episode we have Pat and Jeff come back to pay some games. We first find out if jeff was lying about being able to tell if a girl is hot just by looking at her eyes. Then we play fake or florida where pat and jeff have to guess if a story is a...

Sep 21, 2019

Aaron is here to listen to more stories of Ryan getting more sexually aggressive messages from a fan which we turn into a rap song. Then Ryan takes part in the third bi annual shock spelling bee and gets very frustrated. Then we talk crusty eyes and getting unwanted phone numbers. 

Sep 15, 2019

Ufc champ and huge dick Raff is back on the show after we have successfully filmed our paintball event. We take our first look at some of the footage of Raff getting lit up with paintballs dressed in an inflatable dick suit. Then we take a look at the gender dysphoria test and Ryan finds out if he should become a...

Sep 8, 2019

This week Ryan has on Blake from the Professional Amateurs Podcast and we talk stalkers and girls with crazy eyes. This is because Ryan has been receiving a bunch of dick pics from a crazed fan. Then we discuss the the acquisition of Death Row Record by HASBRO.

Sep 1, 2019

We just started and embarrassing story contest and we read some of the first entries. If you want a chance to win send your stories to . Then, Raff joins us and we play with David, another producer candidate, making him google some interesting things that might have him on a government watch...