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Clever Name Podcast

The Plague is Coming - Clever Name Podcast #220

Jul 27, 2020

Squirrels have the plague, people are eating more strange animals causing the spread of deadly diseases, Ryan figures out that squirrels dont evolve from chipmunks and we find out Martin spent every Saturday locked in a boiler room forced to learn Polish.

Jul 20, 2020

We finally read the worlds number one comic book Fartnite. Prepare to enter the brown-eye of the s---storm! The kid-tested, Drake-approved cultural phenomenon of the century gets the Keenspot parody treatment in this explosive first issue of FARTNITE! Experience the flatulent adventures of a motley crew of...

Jul 12, 2020

Martin really doesn't want Photoshop contest where the best Photoshop of martin wins every week. Ryan solves global warming, space travel and inter-space diplomacy. We check out dragon girls ass after an ass life and we completely forget about fartnite. 

Jul 5, 2020

Martin is now running the show and thats why the video quality is flaming trash but when new management takes over there will be some hiccups. We discuss operating on the disgusting fluid bag growing on my wrist. We go through the best "solutions" to my problem. We listen to metallicAI creating new Metallica songs...