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Clever Name Podcast

May 28, 2018

We are talking public pooping. A lady who is shitting in front of a persons house on three different occasions. Then a woman who shits in a coffee shop and throws it at the employees. After we find the real way to give yourself a blowjob and watch some horrifying videos.

May 20, 2018

We have the pleasure of having our old friends from back in the day Spenny and Tom on the show and we reminisce about high school, getting arrested, stealing weed plants and getting high as fuck. Then Dan and Spenny have the freestyle battle to end all freestyle battles. Who will win this round?

May 13, 2018

On Todays show we talk about restaurant revenge stories where cooks and waiters do horrible things to peoples food. Then the mystery of who has been pooping in the football field is solved. After that we find out how a woman got a baby stuck in her vagina. Lastly we find out that a woman is trying to sue her parents for...

May 7, 2018

Ryan talks about the terrible headaches he has been getting over the last few days. The Dan came came up with a game because Ryan is so bad at spelling. Ryan has to spell simple everyday words and if he is up able he gets shot with the most powerful airsoft gun we have.