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Clever Name Podcast

Aug 25, 2021

Gay Martin and Jack have a "rap battle", Ryans coworkers are going postal, we decide the winner of the Bad Logo Contest and we go through the rest if the list of amazing ideas we will never do. All this and so much more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast. If you want the full episode go to

Aug 18, 2021

Ryan melts down over technical difficulties, Blake got too drunk last night and passed out on his lawn, Martin is working overtime and Jack is sad. Everything lines up for an amazing show. Ryan may lose his job if he doesnt get vaccinated, Gay Martin his coming for Blake ass and we look through the list of things to do...

Aug 11, 2021

Jack is back and brought sexy back, Blake joins us again to to let us know about the guard monkeys in Trinidad and Tobago. We read some the best inspirational quotes Jacks Instagram page has to offer. We read through the best selling novel The Crested Gloves written by Ryan King. Lastly we have a few ideas that the...

Aug 4, 2021

Blake joins us on the show this week for the intervention beauty pageant and to decipher Gay Martins manifesto. We discuss future backyard fights and the worst logo ever created for the show. If you can make a worse logo send it to or post in our discord.