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Clever Name Podcast

Feb 28, 2022

This week we give a full in depth break down of the Ukraine Russian conflict. The Balldo people have given us an affiliate link so now we are the number one podcast to get ball related dildos. Ryan torchers everyone with the Canadian classic song "Canada In My Pocket". We take time to watch a heritage minutes and learn...

Feb 22, 2022

Its Martins Birthday and we gave his some heartfelt gifts. We have massive technical issues as per usual. A follow up on the mayor worried about ice fishing prostitutes. Kid Rock has a new hit song that we all enjoy and we get to watch Ryan's child hood video he used to make called "shenaniganz" 

Feb 15, 2022

SlowMo Chocolates sent us an awesome care package and we got an amazing surprise. We watch a 2 v.s. 1 boxing match from Russian so we call the current backyard fighting champ Raff to see if he would take a 2 on 1 fight. Another throwing poop story must be reported on and people are getting triggered over the skin tone...

Feb 7, 2022

Blake is back from the dead and after his raid on the capitol in America, we have all been inspired to head to Ottawa to see whats happening at the trucker convoy 2022. Howard Stern has lost all credibility by asking the family of Meat Loaf to lie and say he had changed his opinion on covid on his death bed. Blake was...