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Clever Name Podcast

Feb 1, 2021

3:40 Ryan is getting closer the his Tom Selleck Mustache and is again pushing Martin to go for the Jared Leto Jesus look. 8:19 Ryan has disgusting neck hair that Martin wants to pluck because "it would be fun". 13:15 We are officially entering the "know your vulva challenge" where you draw a picture of your vagina to win some CBD tampons. 21:39 Vaccination make you gay according to a definitely closeted homosexual rabbi. 34:25 The Canadian Fighting League is in pre production and we will be having a one armed boxing fight on ice skates in the near future. 42:34 We try to find Martin his dream job of doing nothing. 53:49 Ryan asks his girlfriend if she will try the ball dildo or "balldo" with him and we watch some instructional videos and reviews