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Clever Name Podcast

May 23, 2021

Ive got a pussy, you've got a dick, lets do it quick is banned in Russia. We play Shock Pictionary with the live chat and we find out if you can break brick with dicks. All this and more on this episode of Clever Name Podcast 

May 16, 2021

2:44 Martins love for Simple plan is exposed. 11:16 Martin wants a simple plan tattoo and Ryan is just the man for the job. Ryan give his recap of Kong Vs Godzilla. 33:25 Howie Mandel makes porn. 

May 15, 2021

Non Consensual Fingering, getting high on rotting meat, pooping in bags and vending machine pizza with Dan Z.

May 9, 2021

The return of the Ryans wrist lump. We play Guess What's in My Hole 00:31:53 Jack blows our minds with an incredible guess 00:40:37 We find out what a penis plug is and its awful 00:42:01 Buddy Penis Plugs so you can use it with a friend. 01:01:03 What was stuck in peoples butt in 2020 1:16:07 We learn about...

May 3, 2021

Gay Martin send dozens of emails and we try to decipher the madness. Crystal loses her weed and Ryan finds it for her. We find out that grenade shaped sex toys are a thing including one with a butthole you can have sex with. The first baby is born with 3 dicks and we find the world most indestructible homeless man.