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Clever Name Podcast

Feb 28, 2018

Ryan and Dan are joined by Crystal today and they start the show off by addressing their unsuccessful twitch channel. Then Ryan lays it out on Dan when he doesn't go out AGAIN and ask random people questions ! So if Dan doesn't do it this time he's going to have to spin the punishment wheel ! Afterwords, Ryan talks about his reoccurring fart piss problem again. Then that somehow segways into Ryan and Crystal talking about there shared STD ! Romance story at its best. Ryan gets his first STD; which happens to be Chlamydia, and he gets " treated " with penicillin at the hospital. Ryan also gets his first allergic reaction when penicillin is introduced to his system, so he had a good day basically. Watch Us On Twitch Here: Support Us On Patreon If Your Awesome: Check Out Our Website For All Stuff Clever Name: