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Clever Name Podcast

Mar 22, 2021

1:14 The amount of fake genitals on amazon is astounding including ones with a man wearing a fake vagina masturbating. 6:34 Ryan has had a lot of brain damage which explains so much. 16:03 Martin thinks he can fight of a murderer while taking a shower and having soap in his eyes which starts a heated debate. 24:11 we watch the video of the streamer (OG geezer) gets stabbed and robbed in an IRL stream. 49:46 A grounds crew member steals a plane and flies it around while chatting with the air traffic controller. 1:09:47 Martin loves things in the shape of penises. 1:10:51 A guy test drives a BMW to go rob a bank to pay for the BMW. 1:24:27 Soap fight intro