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Clever Name Podcast

Apr 5, 2022

Martin took a full week to give us his full review of the new game Tiny Tinas Wonderland. We guess what washed up on the Jersey Shore and listen to the only take on Chris Rock Will Smith Oscar Slap that matters, OJ Simpsons'. A gun store owner turn into John Wick in a fraction of a second in an attempted robbery video. Shrekfest 2 just dropped and this time there's nudity. A girl is so committed to gains that having to pee while lifting has never been a problem. New studies show that people who haven't gotten covid also have no friends. Also Fun Fact Covid will never end. In This Week In Woke a guy takes his? uterus out and puts it on an RGB lazy susan display. Polish human cock fighting seems to be a thing and an Irish construction worker throws his poop off a crane. All this and more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast.