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Clever Name Podcast

Mar 25, 2018

Ryan amps up a future twitch stream he's going to do where he streams for 12 hours plus ! We try and figure out how he can do it with as little breaks as possible so for food he would have to get delivery and for washroom breaks he would just piss in a jug ! Afterwords, Ryan and Crystal play a guessing game against each other to see if Dan knows the answer or not ! Dan gets asked questions like what are the 2 elements in H2O, who was named after the month of July and what is a brothel ! While Dan tries to figure out his answer, Ryan and Crystal try and figure out if Dan knows it or not while Dan is listening to loud music. If they guess that Dan doesn't know it and he doesn't know it then they get a point ! Ryan is the winner Rolf the game and shuts down Crystal on her winning streak !