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Clever Name Podcast

Mar 19, 2018

Ryan and Dan start off the show by talking about the movie they reviewed earlier that day, Jason X ! The movie is about some asshole serial killer ( Jason from Friday The 13th ) who goes to the future and kills almost everyone he sees because he's a dick. The movie starts off by Jason getting frozen and then rediscovered 400 years later by humans from another planet. They find out that Jason is worth a lot of money so they try to revive and unfreeze him. Little did they know that he's killed over 100 people and doesn't give a fuck ! Keep in mind that the majority of the movie is on a space ship and the explorers are trying to get Jason to a space station to trade him off. So Jason unfreezes and starts doing what he does best, sneaking up on defenceless people and killing them in a badass way ! Jason's first victim on the space ship was a girl by herself in the room guarding him who looks like Howard Sterns wife. So she gets her face frozen by liquid nitrogen and then Jason smashes it on the counter ! Then he walks over to a room where a couple are making out and then he stabs the guy with a machete and pulls it out from the handle side of the machete ! Then he walks away and leaves the girl because I guess it was too easy of a kill or he couldn't think of a cool way to kill her so he sadly walked away. At this point other crew members on the ship are catching on that Jason escaped and is killing people ! So there's a change of plans, kill Jason ! His next target is the pilot who gets brutally murdered by the machete ! So now there's no pilot... for the rest of the movie. Then like hours later the ship crashes into the space station and blows up the massive station and the ship makes it out without a dent somehow. So while the ship is ghost riding without a pilot, Jason is still on the loose ! The only people on the ship with killing experience are 4 army members, who happen to split up on the search for Jason. So obviously Jason absorbs 170 + bullets and kills all of them ! One of the guys lands on a massive upside screw and get death spiked. One of the crew members finds him and reports back to the rest of the team saying " he's totally screwed ! " The crew members find out that they can't kill Jason so they try and escape by calling a space uber. So the few remaining crew members plant dynamite all over the ship and escape with the space uber pilot ! As soon as they get far enough they blow up the ship and unfortunately didn't do shut to Jason because he starts flying through space rift at the uber ship ! One of the few remaining people has sacrificed himself by putting on a space suit and jumping out to attack Jason ! The movie and Ryan and Dan's show ends by them talking about Jason falling down to earth like a flaming meteor !