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Clever Name Podcast

Jan 28, 2018

Ryan and Dan start off the show by talking about Dan's disgusting pimple on his face. Then Ryan talks about how he cheated to get his drivers test ( sucked the guys dick ) and we all had good chuckle. Somehow that conversation transitioned into senior discounts being a thing because grandmas can't cum anymore. Which led to 2 dicks going in one hole and if that made the guys gay for touching dicks. Anyways, after that we do a well thought out introduction to Ryan's girlfriend being on camera for the first time on our show ! Then Dan gets excited for the next part of our show where he has to do impressions, in which he claims he's the best at ! While Dan does his impressions, Ryan and Crystal go head to head to try and guess who Dan is impersonating ! Some of Dan's impressions he did were Shrek, Gilbert Gottfried, Batman and Bill Clinton ! He even does a Morgan Freeman impression, which he struggles at because he's scared of black people ! What a scamp. The score becomes 6 all and Dan thinks a a quick impression to decide the tie breaker ! Crystal takes the cake and we move on to a segment called Bad Girlfriends. Before that segment starts, Crystal shares a story about a stalker who loved her so much she wanted to kill her and wear her skin ! What a silly goose. We then find some of the worst girlfriend story's ever ! This includes story's about girlfriends and ex girlfriends cutting their wrists, framing their boyfriends for assault, killing their boyfriends cat, breaking and entering and more ! Then we close the show talking about fucking dogs, jerking off, streaming video games and Dan touching Crystals boobs !